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40 New Titles Greenlit on Steam


Steam announced another 40 games and applications have been Greenlit. These titles will be added to the store in the coming weeks and months when the developers feel they are ready to release the title.

The following have been Greenlit:

  • 9.03m by Space Budgie
  • Black Gold Online by Snail Games USA
  • Bollywood Wannabe by Chrysaor Studio
  • Bot Colony by Bot-Colony
  • C-RUSH by Artnumeris
  • Castle In The Darkness by Matt Kap
  • Chuck’s Challenge 3D by Niffler Ltd.
  • CLANG by Subutai Corporation
  • Crimsonland by 10tons Ltd
  • The Dark Phantom by PardisGame Studio
  • Death Road by Active Zone Group S.A.
  • Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios
  • Grimind by Paweł Mogiła
  • Gunman Clive by Bertil Hörberg
  • Harvest by GondeFire Productions
  • Hypovolemia by defragen1
  • Kopatel Online by qmaks2005
  • NaissanceE by Limasse Five
  • Liege by Coda Games
  • Little Racers STREET by Milkstone Studios
  • Liquid Rhythm Intro by WaveDNA
  • Lords of Discord by HeroCraft  Ltd
  • Lords of Xulimai by Numantian Games
  • Ludwig by Ovos
  • MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall by Dinosaur Games
  • Motor Rock by Yard Time
  • ORBITOR by Evil Aliens
  • Paradise Lost: First Contact by Asthree Works
  • Pixel Boy  by Giant Box Games
  • Ratz Instagib by Lino Slahuschek
  • RaySupreme 3D by BrainDistrict
  • Smooth Operators by Andreas Heydeck Games
  • Sokobond by Wanderlands
  • Stick ‘Em Up 2 by Never Don’t Play
  • Super Chain Crusher Horizon by Mindware
  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX by Nyu Media
  • Toki Remake by Golgoth Studio
  • Undead Overlord by JumpCore Productions
  • Wheels of Destruction by Gelid Games
  • Wilson Chronicles by Frere D’Arme
Jamie Laike Tsui
Jamie Laike Tsui
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