TILT Action Sports Film Festival Opens With McCONKEY

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Australia’s TILT Action Sports Film Festival will begin a night earlier on November 11, opening with a feature-length documentary McCONKEY; to celebrate the life of professional skier and BASE jumping legacy, Shane McConkey.

Michael Lawrence, TILT Director stated, “McCONKEY reflects the true essence of the TILT Film Festival, which is about amazing human stories set to extreme and highly visual backdrops. This movie deserves to be on the big screen, and we are proud to ensure that the Australian public has the opportunity to see these magnificent stories that will visually astound them.”


Red Bull Media House and Matchstick Productions present this documentary to share the life a phenomenal, inspirational and talented sports hero, Shane McConkey; who lived life to the absolute fullest and should be remembered for the impact he made as an ultimate innovator. Don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer for McCONKEY featured below.

Thanks to Sony Action Cam and Garage Entertainment, the TILT Action Sports Film Festival offers a variety of nine extreme action films; with surf, skating and snow icons in double features from November 11-15. Join the sports movie experience here for only $15 (concession) and $20 (adults) per night.

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