One Piece’s Chopper To Make An Appearance In Monster Hunter 4

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It’s strange but not so strange that One Piece’s favourite little reindeer Tony Tony Chopper would be making an appearance in the next Monster Hunter 3DS game, we’ve seen Link from The Legend of Zelda’s appearance, we’ve seen Mario and Luigi’s appearance so why not thrown in a fairly huge Anime character into the mix? I, for one, think this is a pretty sweet cameo and while I would’ve liked to have seen a better character like Monkey D. Luffy, I do understand why Chopper was added and I also see how he fits.  This collaboration comes as celebration of the fact that One Piece now has over 300 Million copies in print and circulation around the world.


Within the game Chopper will serve as your “right hand man” for a while, he will assist you in fighting monsters as well as cheers you on from the sidelines during smaller hunting missions. He comes equipped with a wooden branch as his weapon and an armour titled “Excited Chopper”. He will work similar to the usual “Felyne” characters that accompany you in previous games and I think he’ll be a fun little addition to an already “chock-a-block” game full of awesome action, awesome adventure and what seems to be a bunch of awesome cameos. It is chalking up to be another great addition to the franchise and I can’t wait for it to be released here in the West which, up until now, has not been given a clear release date.

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