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Anime fans have an announcement that will get them into fevered excitement – the completion on the dubbing of Evangelion 3.33. Fans of the Evangelion serieswill also be glad to hear that famed voice actor Spike Spencer will be reprising the role that gave him his initial acclaim. The dubbed version will make its anticipated premiere at this year’s New York Comic Con next Friday at 8 PM EST on the Main 1-D stage, although no official release date has been set. This instalment is the third in a planned four part series which is a re-imagining of the original 26 episode series, which also included Spencer as a featured voice actor.

This, however, is not the only exciting project that Mr. Spike Spencer has coming up. His slate of upcoming work includes projects for networks like Nickelodeon as well as other games and anime roles that he can’t discuss quite yet. He has some current projects, though, that can be discussed such as his role in the already released title¬†The Bureau: XCOM Declassified as character Agent Kinney, in which he had the chance to work with actor Neal McDonough and director Mike Csurics. He has also been involved with the MOBA game Strife as the character Rook and as Shrew on the Nickelodeon show Peter Rabbit.

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