BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea First 5 Minutes Video

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The title says it all folks; what we have right here is the Opening sequence and gameplay, no combat though, of the next BioShock Infinite DLC titled “Burial At Sea”. Only just a few days ago we were given not only a live-action trailer for the game but a list of the achievements that will accompany the DLC and it seems like the folks over at Irrational Games and 2K Games aren’t letting up just yet.

This is an official video and it shows Elizabeth’s first interaction with Booker and it also gives us subtle hints at what exactly this DLC is all about. Now I have to issue a “spoiler warning” because this could be seen as a one and, depending on who you are, a big one at that. Anyway, enough out of me, head down to the Featured Video Section below to check out the full 5-minute video of the game and let us know what you think about it all in the comments section just below that. Speculation is encouraged!

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