Studio Trigger Streams Kill La Kill 30-Second Ad

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The team over at Studio Trigger have just begun streaming a small 30-second ad/teaser for the upcoming Anime, Kill La Kill. The ad features the opening theme song from the series, “Sirius” by Eir Aoi, and narration by a talking sailor uniform which just so happens to be the being worn by Ryuko matoi, the main character of the series. The ad brings us up to speed, story-wise, it introduces us to the “wandering transfer student” Ryuko Matoi as she enters the new school run by student council president Satsuki Kiryuin and, let me tell you, she runs it with an iron fist! “The freedom that is fear. The liberation that is control. The truth that is contradiction.”

The anime will start it’s run during the next season starting on October. A great deal of the staff that worked on Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann will be reuniting to work on Kill La Kill so I have no doubt in my mind that it will be an incredibly action-driven, with an amazingly unique and fast-paced story and with characters that you will definitely remember. To get you even more excited for this release I’ve added a small gallery of character models from the series just below, so head down and check it out but don’t forget to hit up our comments section below that to let your voice be heard.

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