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New Pokemon Released For X and Y – “Doublade”


Double The Slicing Power!
Double The Slicing Power!

The Official Pokemon Site, as well as through their Facebook page, has released the latest addition to the Pokemon X and Y family, it’s an evolution of the sword-looking Pokemon Honedge. This death machine is called “Doublade” and, let’s be honest, the only thing that is better than one sword is two swords working in tandem. It will stay as a Ghost and Steel type combination, like it’s pre-evolution. It will also retain it’s ability “No Guard”. It’s confirmed techniques so far are: Sword Dance, Shadow Sneak and Aerial Ace. “It is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle”.

The Official "Doublade" Image Release
The Official “Doublade” Image Release

Now some people have already started to get upset over this Pokemon and it’s design and I just want to remind people of a Generation 1 Pokemon called Magneton, it too was multiple Pokemon stuck together and it was still considered an awesome evolution. If you don’t like Doublade now, just give it a couple days and you’ll grow to like it. Remember Pokemon X and Y is set for release on the 12th of October, on the 3DS, which isn’t too far away so if you havn’t pre-ordered your copy now I suggest you get onto that right away.