Grand Theft Auto V Collector’s Edition Unboxing

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Grand Theft Auto V has arrived, and the whole gaming world has taken notice. We started Rockstar‘s generation-closer just yesterday, and will have our review up in the coming days (it’s a huge title in scope, as you know). But in the meantime, we have a neat unboxing video of the rare Collector’s Edition to share with you.

The Grand Theft Auto V Collector’s Edition sold out extremely fast when it went up for pre-order back in May of this year. You can view the unboxing video embedded below the following gallery – the quality of the latter which I must apologise for… not the best photos on my part. You’ll get a better, clearer look at the contents in the video itself. Oh, and as fair warning for any who haven’t started/bought the game on the Xbox 360, but plan to, do not install the “play” disc.

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