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Vocaloid Night 2013 – An energetic night of fun!


As SMASH! 2013 ended, it was time for most people to head on home and rest up after a long and fun day of panels, discussions, merchandise hunting and cosplaying. However, for a sizeable group of people, the night was only just about to begin, for the night would bring out one of the most fun dance party events that has been hosted in Sydney. Themed after the Vocaloid sensation and starring two of Japans leading Vocaloid DJ’s Hachioji P and kz, was the first ever Vocaloid Night party.

What a night it was over at the Pontoon Bar across the bay from the Sydney Convention Center. It was amazing to see such a large turnout of Otaku, Anime aficionados, Vocaloid fans and even some regular people coming along to see what the night had in store for them. Not only was there great music, but we also had Anime and Vocaloid themed cocktails to enjoy. Seeing as it was a Vocaloid event, I personally stuck to the cocktail “Hatsune“, named after the most famous Vocaloid, which was quite nice.


Assisting with the night were a few of the members of the group running the Neko Nation event here in Australia, which focuses on remixes of Anime, gaming and touhou music. It’s really great seeing the local events helping each other out to help grow and nurture for a growing culture here in Australia.

The club itself was a bit smokey, which was most likely to help with the awesome lighting and laser effects coming from the stage which really added to the atmosphere of the event. Adding onto this was the amazing electronic soundtracks being played over the course of the evening, and everyone was dancing to their best.


Of course, the stars of the night were the two Japanese guest DJ’s, Hachioji P and kz, both of whom had the crowds cheering, chanting, making a lot of noise and in some cases, singing along to their favourite Vocaloid tunes. In fact, I’d say that as great as the local talents were, the two DJ’s were the best performers of the night. Hachioji P played a really great set in the middle of the event and kz closed the event with an amazingly high energy performance which left the crowd chanting for more. And to be honest, I’m not sure that kz was expecting that kind of reception as he seemed rather flustered and humbled by the praise of the crowd. There was some really nice energy flowing from the crowd to the stage and then back. Which was amazing to be a part of.

Vocaloid Night 2013 was a successful event in that it achieved the things I was looking for from a musical event. A great and enthusiastic crowd, talented DJ’s and a sense of community and comraderie improvised from a joined and collective fandom. This was a great night and it would be a shame if there wasn’t a follow up to this event next year.

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