Space Dandy Characters and Story Unveiled

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First Cowboy Bebop, then Samurai Champloo, then Kids On The Slope and now…well now is Space Dandy’s time to shine! This week a little bit of key information on Shinichirow Watanabe and BONES‘ new Sci-Fi, action, comedy was released. Fans of Watanabe’s work had already decided that they were going to watch it as soon as he put his name to the series but now with a little bit more info released it may pick up some newer fans. Allow me to take you through it. Dandy is an alien-hunter and the titular character of the series, his job as an alien-hunter is to seek out new races of aliens before anyone else can, once he does he get’s an awesome reward. He’s like Nature’s Bounty Hunter. Together with his vacuum robot QT and his idiot alien friend Meow who he met in his travels, he combs the galaxy encountering new friends and enemies as well as planets and their odd inhabitants.


Dandy’s age is, so far, unclear but we can all kind of guess that he’s somewhere in his late 20’s, early 30’s. He’s said to not care about little things and believes that his dream lies somewhere in the universe. On first glance he seems like a typical Watanabe protagonist. QT, his robot friend, believes that he is of high-power but in reality he is just a normal vacuum cleaner robot who takes pride in what he does and is fairly serious. Meow is labelled a “dimwit alien”, he’s not any evolution of cat even though he shares many of the animal’s traits and is named “Meow”. He’s carefree and seems like he was raised with no constraints. It was also revealed that Yasuyuki Okamura will perform the series’ theme songs which will be called “Viva Namida” and “Healthy Merci”. Space Dandy is set for release sometime in January of next year, expect lots of info to be released in the coming months so keep your eyes on the site.

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