DYING: Sinner Escape Available on iOS

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Well, with an uplifting title like that…

Mobile developer NEKCOM Entertainment announced the release of their newest title, DYING: Sinner Escape, for the iPhone and iPad. From the creator of SAW, the game franchise, and featuring developers from a plethora of other titles, DYING strives to bring AAA horror action and visuals to mobile devices.

DYING: Sinner Escape is a horror adventure telling the story of Colby Davis, a man tormented by his past and locked in his own disturbing mental chambers. Players are challenged to escape these rooms created by Colby with the ultimate goal of redeeming our hero. Will Colby – aided by his ex-girlfriend Ruby – find redemption to his self-accusations and guilt for the death of his mother and unborn brother, or will he be locked forever in a mental loop of horror and shame?

The game’s story will be spread over a number of episodes, with each focusing on the perspective of a different character and having its own climactic ending. Each character will also be fully voiced, bringing them to life in a twisted, gloomy and mysterious world.

DYING: Sinner Escape is available now for iOS devices on the App Store. Future episodes and a Playstation Vita version are set to be released later in the year. For more information, visit the Facebook page. Check out the pics below for a glimpse of the world you’ll be dying to escape…

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