Blacksmithing The Master Sword

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It’s always a joy finding gaming and pop culture mixed in with other mediums and occupations; artists, jewellers and musicians are some of the few that can really bring out the true beauty of characters and key aspects from a series.

Now we can add Blacksmithing to this list as the newest Man at Arms video was released last week and has already gained over 857,00 views and 36,900 likes on YouTube. The latest video shows the creation of the most popular of all video game weapons, Links Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda!!! With a blade of spring steel, sand casted bronze hilt and finished with sky blue spray paint this sword really is a work of art.


Man at Arms is a series on the YouTube Channel Amaze Wow and Educate Me which shows experienced blacksmith Tony Swatton recreating iconic weapons from video games and TV shows. Previous weapons include Cloud’s Buster sword from Final Fantasy, Sora’s Kingdom Hearts Key blade and even the Sword of Omens from Thunder cats. The Master Sword is a sight that would make Ganondorf shiver, but my personal favourite has to be Raphael’s Sais from TMNT which are sharpened, elegant looking and bad ass awesome.

Click on the below video below to see the sword being made, and check out the other awesome vids on the AweMeChannel.

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