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While PAX had more than it’s fair share of booths dedicated to games, you obviously need hardware to play those games. If you’re looking to rise to the next level of play in League of Legends or World of Tanks then this elite equipment will surely give you the boost you’ll need. We caught up with Chris Smith from Tt eSPORTS Australia who took us through the latest in gaming technology including the newest range of mouses, keyboards, headsets and more.

Tt eSports design great hardware and are also hard at work expanding the eSPORTS community whilst supporting a large list of international competitive teams. If you want to learn more about what they do or their hardware range, check out the Tt eSports Official Site or their Official Facebook Page. Before you leave, don’t forget to watch our interview with Chris below for a personal walkthrough of the latest and greatest range of Tt eSports gaming gear right from the PAX Aus showfloor.

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