Tactical Intervention To Freely Intervene On Steam

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Drive, Smithers, drive!

The hotly anticipated multiplayer FPS title Tactical Intervention by Counter Strike co-creator, Minh “Gooseman” Le, will be free to play worldwide this August on Steam for PC thanks to publisher 1337 Games.

Tactical Intervention was previously released only in North America in March, but the servers have since come down on June 10 due to a lack of players and various other issues. The fact the game blocked IP addresses from outside the US and Canada may or may not have contributed to its swift but temporary demise.


Hey is that $100 bill on the ground?

Those few who managed to play it, and those who haven’t, fear not! The game is being resurrected on Steam where it will be hopefully noticed this time and released as a stable game. Headed by a former Valve employee of seven years, Tactical Intervention is a team-based tactical shooter inspired by the classics of the genre such as Counter Strike and created by the team at Fix Korea.

Check out our recent interview with the Gooseman himself for some nifty insight on the game and its long journey to release.

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