Madman Releases Announcements From AVCon 2013

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The Australian Anime distributor, Madman, made a few big announcements this weekend at AVCon 2013 which is Adelaide’s very own Anime convention so it’s no surprise that we got some cool news from it much like every other year.


The first, and possibly biggest announcement, was made during the Madman National Cosplay Competition Championship. The announcement was that the next movie to hit Reel Anime 2013 will be none other than Ghost In the Shell: Arise. Considering Funimation just announced that they will be releasing Ghost In The Shell: Arise it’s safe to say that we won’t have any dub by the time it is screened for Reel Anime 2013 but we will definitely have the subbed version by then. It’s also safe to assume that we will only be seeing Border 1: Ghost Pain seeing as it’s the first of four 50-minute features in the Ghost In The Shell: Arise series.


It was also announced that the hit series’ Attack On Titan and Code:Breaker will both be streamed for free by Madman on the Madman Screening Room in the near future. There have been no dates or plans for a home video releases as of yet but we can expect something like that within the next year or so. The last bit of information to be announced is that the movie Grave Of The Fireflies, a classic from Studio Ghibli dating back to 1988, will be released on both Blu-Ray and DVD at some point in the immediate future.

Once again we’ve gotten some great news from Madman and I guarantee we’ll continue seeing their great releases in the coming weeks and months. keep an eye on the site for any and all new information and news to be released. Don’t forget to hit up our comments section below and let your voice be heard.

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