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High School DxD New to be streamed by Funimation

high-school-dxd-newFunimation have announced that not only have they licensed the second season of High School DxD known as High School DxD New, they will also be streaming it online through their Funimation streaming service.

The series will be simulcast to North American viewers on Funimation’s official website. The series follows the continued misadventures of pervert Issei Hyodou as he attempts to become the harem king all the while doing his deeds as the devil slave of his club president Rias Gremory, most of which involve fighting angels and misguided devils.

High School DxD New promises to be more gratuitous than the first season, with boobs abound and more epic battles than you can swing a cat at. So be sure to check it out now streaming on Funimation’s service.

Luke Halliday
Luke Halliday
Senior Editor & Anime Specialist