Astro A40 Neon Series Announced

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Black and white getting  a little boring? Astro Gaming announced the release of the new A40 Neon Series today with a flashy trailer in the style of an old cheesy kung-fu action flick. The Neon Series uses the Astro A40 2013 Edition design and is available in neon pink, yellow, orange, and red.

The Astro A40 Pro Gaming Headset features an updated Quick Disconnect cabling system that plugs in at the headset for durability, a media controller cable for use with smartphones, a removable boom mic, and custom speaker tags to personalize the A40. Astro have re-tuned the drivers on the A40 2013 model to provide better bass and less distortion at high volume compared to the older 2011 model.

The Astro A40 Pro Gaming Headset for PC is available for $149.99. The Astro A40 Audio System which includes the headset and the MixAmp Pro is available for $249.99.

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