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Anime Girl of the Week: Maou (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha)


It’s been three weeks since I started the Anime Girl of the Week where I select one female character from a currently airing anime and place the spotlight on them by providing background information, personality details as well as a slew of fan-art and official artwork.

This week we have a special character mostly because of her name. She is from the anime series Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and she is none other than the Maou herself. If her name seems a bit odd it is thanks to the fact that all of the characters in the source material for the series do not have specific names. Instead they are called exactly what they are, with the Maou being called the Demon King, the Hero simply being Hero, the princess of the dragon’s being named Dragon Princess and so on.

Now it is worth noting that there will be plot spoilers for the anime series itself below, though not in the images themselves if you choose to look through them. That being said, this also only contains information revealed in the anime and the manga of the series, not the original light novel.


The world of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is in the middle of a prolonged war with humans battling against demons. In an attempt to slay the current Demon King, the humans have raised a Hero to fight against her and put a stop to the demon scourge once and for all. However when the Hero makes his way to the Demon King’s castle, he is surprised to find that not only is the Demon King a woman, but she also has no desire to fight him. Instead she comes up with a plan, a way to end the war where neither the demons nor the humans will be victorious but instead co-exist with one another.

Maou is the 43rd ruler of the Demon Realm and despite her relatively youthful appearance, she is over a hundred years old though her exact age has not been revealed. By becoming the Demon King she must enter the Royal Tomb of the Demon Kings to receive their power and proof of authority. However by doing this she also risks being possessed by Demon Kings past and losing herself forever. She is extremely intelligent thanks to the fact that she has access to the “Outer Library” which contains thousands of books which contain knowledge not of their own world. In an effort to bring peace to the land, she leaves the demon realm with the Hero and travels to the land of the humans.

Her horns are simply a head-band and can be removed whenever she has to pass herself off as human. In the human realm she is known as the Crimson Scholar and thanks to her knowledge she is able to introduce numerous ideas and items that improve the life of the humans significantly, such as the ability to tend their crops better, different types of edible plants, a printing press and more. However due to her influence and the tenuous balance of the various nations of the human world, she is seen as a threat by both the church and the Central Nations.

While highly intelligent and confident when it comes to business, Maou is easily flustered whenever things take an unexpected turn. She quickly falls in love with the Hero after they begin moving forward with their plans and because of this she often acts like a love-sick girl when in private. Not only does she get jealous whenever another woman approaches the Hero but she is also concerned over her own appearance, as she finds her voluptuous body a problem at times thanks to the Head Maid, her servant, always calling her large chest useless flesh. Because she was able to track the Hero’s progress for so long, she created a hugging pillow with his image on it and whenever she spends a long time away from the Hero and is lonely she will bring it back out.

Currently Maoyuu Maou Yuusha has not been licensed for English release in the West but it is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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