What to expect from Nintendo’s E3 2012 Press Conference

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According to many unoffical polls on the Internet, Nintendo has “won” E3 a lot in the past couple of years. Whether it was the 3DS or a new Zelda game, Nintendo somehow manages to wow everybody during their press conferences.  Can they do it again this year? Let’s take a look at what we expect Nintendo to reveal this year.

  • Sales Figures!
  • After last years somewhat underwhelming announcement of the Wii U, we expect Nintendo to spend most of their time demoing the Wii U, talking up its specs, announcing launch games and doing everything possible to prove that the Wii U is the future of gaming.
  • Speaking of the Wii U, hopefully Nintendo will be able to tune up their  online infrastructure multiplayer in support of this console.
  • The Wii U will definitely launch with a sports game. Most likely titled, Wii U Sports: In the Arctic!
  • More announcements of sequels to famous games like Zelda and Mario, etc.  Luigi’s Mansion will undoubtedly be prominently featured. Maybe a new Metroid will be revealed?
  • Quite possibly, Nintendo will launch a redesigned 3DS. Failing that, there will at least be 2 new colors of the system.
  • More POKEMON!
  • A new Kirby and/or Pikmin 3 will be revealed. Probably.
  • Reveal of the game Medium.

Nintendo usually manages to come up with something good, funny or exciting to make their press conference interesting.  This year will be no different.

Is there any prediction you would like to add? Disagree or agree with the above? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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