Star Wars The Old Republic 1.3 Now Live


As of last nights maintanence, the latest version of the the Star Wars MMORPG, Star Wars the Old Republic has been launched. This brings the game version up to the long awaited 1.3 which introduces some great gameplay additions that are sure to assist players in their Star Wars adventure.

Star Wars The Old Republic Patch 1.3 “Allies” is a pretty decent update to the game with a few notable additions being introduced. First, we have the new Group Finder system, which should assist players in looking for groups to tackle dungeons with. How many of us have been going around from Carrick Station to whatever the planet is at the time that is the same level as the dungeon just to spam for more party members? We all have, This should hopefully alleviate that process some.

The second addition are the ranked warzones. Players are finally able to PvP for ranked gear and notoriety based on their skills in the ranked warzones. This also includes rank tracking, making your e-peen look that much longer.

Legacy perks are the next big addition to the game. Everyone knows how the Legacy system is supposed to affect their characters. Well now characters are finally going to be able to level their Legacy perks which are all categorized and bring unique benefits to the player character.

And finally we have an addition called Adaptive Gear. Basically what Adaptive Gear does is it allows the player to wear their social clothing options over the top of their armour whilst retaining the bonuses from having the armour on. Could this be used deceptively in PvP?

Be sure to visit the Official Website for more info.

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