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Toki Tori is a ten year old puzzle game that is still going strong. First released on the Game Boy Colour, it has since seen releases on iOS, PC, Android and WiiWare. Come November 16 the European PSN will finally get in on the often tricky puzzle action that sees young chick Toki Tori tracking down the lost eggs of his unborn brothers and sisters. The cute little guy has access to a surprising array of weapons and gadgets including the Slug Sucker, Telewarp and freeze gun – he’s one well equipped chick.

Not ones to slack on effort, developers Two Tribes have even added 16 brand new levels, PlayStation Move support and full HD/3D compatibility – no worries about getting a Game Boy Colour port here! For €7.99 / £6.29, gamers will be able to challenge themselves with over 90 levels, but can score a copy of the game for free from publishers Playlogic Games. How?

Head on over to Twitter, follow PlaylogicGames and tweet using #TokiToriPS3 why you should win one of ten copies of the game.

Winners will be announced on the official launch date of November 16, and remember to look out for a review of Toki’s latest adventure here on Capsule Computers.

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