Walmart to host MW3 tournaments before midnight release

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Yo, you want that MW3 fix four hours before release? Hit up Walmart at 8pm on November 7 and play in their tournament. The winner of each respective tourney will win a copy of the game. This competition will run in over 2,700 Walmarts. As long as your at Walmart, you may as well pick up some 20 packs of Mt. Dew, as it will give you “Mega XP Time” once you redeem the code in said package. The code grants you 90 minutes of double XP.

“Walmart is the destination for all gamers this holiday season,” said Seong Ohm, senior vice president of entertainment, Walmart U.S. “When it comes to entertainment, Walmart offers unbelievable prices on the widest assortment of gaming devices from brand name consoles to new releases.”

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  1. Why can’t Australia do this =(!

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