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New Trailer for DaGeDar Rolls out..

GameMill are gearing up for the release of DaGeDar for the Nintendo DS, which is based on the popular racing balls and toys. This title will allow players to race their friends or battle evil spirits solo in 30 “fast and furious” raceways. Each one of the over 100 racing balls are unique to their own, each having unique abilities and with the limited edition DaGeDar items prominently in the game, players have even better reason to connect with friends and trade to get that coveted ball bearing from dimension 33.

Yes, in a way this title sort of resembles that of Bakugan or Beyblade, but with more of a premise on racing and speed. A new trailer was released today to show DaGeDar fans what to expect in the first ever video game adaptation, and you can check it out in action below. DaGeDar launches November 15th for the DS at a nice low price of just $19.99.