New War of the Worlds Avatar Items Invade the XBLA!

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It’s Halloween in just a week, so many of you should be looking for some nice costumes to dress up your online avatar for Xbox Live. If you are having trouble finding some of the higher quality hats and costumes, you can now look no further as new avatar items for the newly released War of the Worlds have hit the marketplace so you can bring the invasion to your own dashboard.

Items and Prices include:

  • War of the Worlds tripod tee shirt (80 MS Points)
  • Keep Calm and Carry On Tee Shirt (80 MS Points)
  • Tripod helmet for (160 MS Points)
  • A Tripod pet that will encircle and interact with your Avatar…creepy tentacles and all! (240 MS Points)
  • A Drone pet that searches around you and scans with its spotlight – but thankfully won’t zap you (240 MS Points)
  • A Spider pet that climbs around your Avatar, just like the ones from the game (240 MS Points)
  • While your picking some avatar swag up, you can also find War of the Worlds on the Xbox Live Arcade for just 800 points. Go get out there, avoid an invasion, and dress to impress with these brand new entries into the Xbox Live Marketplace.