Mario Kart 7 StreetPass and online capabilities detailed

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It appears that Nintendo finally decided that being able to play your game over actual Wi-Fi and connecting to people around the world would be beneficial to a game, I’m looking at you Star Fox 64. Nintendo revealed today that Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 3DS will have wireless connectivity features that use both Wi-Fi and the 3DS’ StreetPass capabilities.

Players can race online or offline with 8 people at upwards of 60 FPS framerate. Also players can create what Nintendo is calling “communities” to create groups of players that you can race against. The StreetPass mechanic will allow you to collect data from other player’s in the form of win/loss records, coin data and even ghost data to allow you to race against their character in a ghost race. To top all of this off, players can also download a Mario Kart Channel to the 3DS to act as a center for everything Mario Kart 7 related.

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