Gamers Opt Out fight back against EULAs

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Electronic Arts and Sony –as well as some other companies– have recently been sticking clauses in their Terms of Service that force you to give up your rights to a class action lawsuit. If you don’t agree to the ‘updated’ Terms of Service, some of the services you have been using, like PSN, will no longer be usable. However, there is a way out if you dig deep enough. Like, really freakin’ deep. Usually there is an opt-out method, wherein you must send a letter, by snail mail, to the respective companies legal department stating that you wish to reserve the right to sue them.

As far as we are concerned this is outright baloney with a capitol B. Luckily though, a new service agrees with us and aims to make this process easier. Gamers Opt Out claims it is a free service that will mail the opt out letters for you. It is run on a donation basis. If you want to take a stand against EULAs, this website/service certainly will make the process easier. Although we can’t vouch for the service ourselves, it does look legit. Make sure you read everything before using them though. After all, they will be handling YOUR legal future.

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