Silent Hill: Downpour gets a TGS trailer with music by Korn

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Tokyo Game Show is winding down but Konami has revealed another trailer for their upcoming Silent Hill game, Downpour. The trailer was released earlier today and can be seen below, which features three and a half minutes of Silent Hill: Downpour footage, both in-game and cutscene. Plus if you are a fan of Korn then you will be doubly happy as the trailer’s music is a song from Korn.

For those who are forgetful about what Silent Hill: Downpour is about, players will be taking control of Murphy Pendleton, a man who is being transferred from Ryall State Prison to Wayside Maximum Security, but on the way there the bus he is riding on crashes off of the road and into the forest. Stumbling to potential freedom, Pendleton makes his way to Silent Hill where his personal hell comes to life.

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