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Thrones fans looking for their George R R martin fix are in luck – PC strategy title A Game of Thrones Genesis is only a week away from release, and a new trailer has been released today complete with swooping landscape shots, beefy blacksmith, and most importantly – lots of dragons!

With the author on board as a story advisor the game should remain faithful to the books, and will allow players to delve into the history of Westeros, from the very founding of the nation right through 1000 years of conflict to the War of the Usurper (where the novels/TV series kick off).

Players will take part in the race for the Iron Throne with massive armies and treacherous words alike, with the single player campaign winnable without raising a single army! Released on September 29th, A Game of Thrones Genesis looks like a promising adaptation of the original material, so here’s hoping it’s a great game that can draw in series fans and newcomers alike.

Click here for some more information on the game

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  1. Nice! I just watched all of season one in two sittings. I’d play this for sure.

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