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SMASH! 2011: Capsule Computers Cosplay Hunt!


SMASH! 2011: Capsule Computers Cosplay Hunt!

It sucks to miss out on an awesome event, isn’t it? Well have no fear, Capsule Computers is here! Sure, video games are our passion, but video games are a major aspect of pop culture which we also love to cover. So we decided this year to bring SMASH! 2011 to everyone at home who couldn’t make it, by covering as much as we could of the entire event. However in my experience writing about the atmosphere and the attendees with their crazy cosplays never really captures the magic and delivers it home the right way. One of the best aspects of conventions has ALWAYS been waiting in the line, socializing and meeting new people, so we figured why not bring that to you guys as well?

Introducing the Capsule Computers Cosplay Hunt! Filmed by our very own MasterAbbott and hosted by myself, Matt Vella, we entered the venue, walked around and hit the lines interviewing and documenting many interesting anime, manga and video game characters, portrayed by equally interesting people. We hope you enjoy the video! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube chanel, ‘like’ us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for updates on future events and conventions we’ll be covering and hopefully return with the Cosplay Hunt, as well as updates on the latest video game and pop culture news!

Cosplay Hunt not enough for you? Want something a little more in depth? Check out my SMASH! 2011 Recap here! Also, check out the latest Capsule Computers’ Official Podcast-Episode 16! This one is a SMASH! special, where we interview Rajika “Reggie” Kuruwita, winner of the ‘Judge’s Pick’ cosplay award this year!


Scyth to meet you Maka and Soul!


If time is money, why is the hero of time ALWAYS running out of rupees?


I jokingly said that I thought the Legend of Chun Li movie was actually good. I deserved this.




We caught Ezio ROME-ing around SMASH!


Thankfully he wasn’t faithful to the Dragon Ball franchise by spending twenty episodes to power up this attack.

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