Kirby Wii Announced; Brings the Mascot back to his roots…

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Many months ago, a small clip surfaced on Nintendo’s Japanese website, displaying an all new Kirby game for the Wii. After a new trailer and announcement, Nintendo have finally revealed “Kirby Wii” (working title) for a future release on what else…The Nintendo Wii. This of course looks to be the same Kirby game that we seen displayed years ago as a tech demo for the Gamecube, with Kirby going back to his side-scrolling, enemy-inhaling roots in an all new adventure, although a lot looks to have been tweaked since then.

After watching the trailer, this game really seems to be a true sequel to Kirby 64 as the visuals, combat, and enemies all strike a great resemblance to the Nintendo 64 classic. New abilities are also earned by inhaling new enemies, such as a cowboy Kirby armed with a whip, a giant cleat ability allowing the pink fluff to destroy enemies with spiked shoes, and a “mega” attack that shoots a giant star out after several items are sucked up. Multi-player will also be featured in this game and judging from the trailer, up to four players will be able to control Kirby, a bandanna’d Waddle Dee, Meta-Knight & King Dedede in a New Super Mario Bros. style.

Sadly, we still have yet to receive a date for this new Kirby adventure. We do however have a new trailer though and once we receive a date or more news we will be sure to let you know.

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