Nintendo of Japan Announce New Kirby Title for the Wii!

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As a huge Kirby fan, I am very excited about this piece of news. Nintendo of Japan has some coming attractions on their website, and out of nowhere a new Kirby title for the Wii has been shown. Instead of being made of yarn this time though, Kirby is going back to his roots of sucking up enemies in standard fashion. There is no title and very little information other than a very short clip on the website, but it also does mention an upcoming film for the pink hero that will be releasing later this year.

I have a good feeling Nintendo will be at least giving this title a mention at E3 this year as the clip seems to come from a very polished looking game (with many new powers in tow) that is drawing back some nostalgia of Kirby 64 from myself. It is also mentioned for 2011 release at least in Japan, so this one may be a lot closer than we think.

Click Here to check out the clip yourself and we will be following this title more as Nintendo releases more information on it.

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