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Mother’s Day is about to end here in Australia but it’s just starting in other parts of the world, and I hope you all put your controllers down and told your mum “Happy Mother’s Day” at least once.  If you did celebrate it, what did everyone do for their mother on mother’s day?  Let us know what you did, the best entry will be picked and we’ll send you over a random video game we have here in the office.  Maybe you can give it to your mum if she’s into video games.

I’ll start the ball rolling: I bought my mum some flowers, and got her a card as well, we had a family lunch which was nice and relaxing, I ate a lot by the way.  After lunch I checked my emails and played some iPhone and 3DS games.  Showed mum how to play Street Fighter IV 3D but she just couldnt get the hang of the control system and got beat by Dan 🙁  Oh well at least she gave it a try 😉

Happy Mothers Day to all from the Capsule Computers Crew !! Good Luck and let the best comment win 🙂

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