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I love Capcom, from Street Fighter 2 to my favourite franchise in gaming; Resident Evil, the Japanese publisher has always been there, delivering quality games to their fans. So its really nice to hear (especially with so many other companies posting massive losses), that all the hard work they put into their products is paying off. Driven by the massive success of Monster Hunter portable (PSP), which sold over 4.6 million copies, as well as a diverse array of titles across many different platforms, Capcom are proud to announce a 258% rise in income for the last fiscal period.

Console sales of Marvel V Capcom 3, Dead Rising 2, Lost planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV were all in excess of 1 million copies which is an oustanding achievement in itself. Their online game Monster Hunter has also recently hit 1 million subscribers. Branching out into smartphone gaming has also added to the success of the company with IPhone titles Ghost Trick and Street Fighter IV being met with much enthusiasm from users of the device. Capcoms emergence into the social gaming market has even exceeded their own expectations with VERY popular Lil’ Pirates,  Zombie Cafe and Smurfs village perfoming exceptionally well. Combine all of this with PC and XBox 360 online games like Monster Hunter and its clear the strategic direction they have chosen is paying dividends.

Capcom see a fall in sales for the coming year but a rise in profits. As social and phone gaming become more popular, profit margins will increase due to lower production costs. Capcoms attribute much of their success to their experimental style in relation to game style and distribution methods in a diverse and ever changing games market.

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