Live stream + game give away!

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Happy holidays!  On my time off I decided I would do a little stream.  I’ve recently gotten back into playing Sengoku Basara (I love me some good hack and slash games) and it’s fairly actiony so I figured why not.  Later on if the stream is still going I might put up some Monster Hunter Portable 3rd if I can get my friend on or maybe even some Silent Hill:  Shattered Memories if I’m in the mood.  Come join me in the stream chat, those who stop by and hang around and participate in the chat will have a chance to get a free PC (Steam) game (I assure you, this is a good game, popular game.  None of this $2 indie game stuff).  Alright, enough typing, I’ma get to the streamin.  Gimme 5-10 minutes to get it setup, so don’t worry if you see a black/blue screen for a bit.

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