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For some lucky kid out there (or over 18 young at heart) their dream of actually starring in their very own video game cameo is about to come true. Basically, yall have until next Monday (November 15th) to dress up like the main characters of The Witcher PC video game and then spam the developers. The very lucky person with the best cos-play costume, will in fact get to appear as cameo in the next Witcher Game, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings!

Now while, you must be over 18, and some of the website has been translated from German, it can be viewed in English and best of all it would appear the the contest is available to everyone from most countries with only a photo separating the winners.*

In the game, “Dopplers” are characters who can assume the appearance or identity of another character, to blend in and assassinate targets. As such contestants are urged to use some creative control over how their character looks (ie. not identical to the ones in the game). CD Projekt Red have said in a statment: “Creativity and resourcefulness are more important than exact copies of the costumes.”

Grand Prize winners will appear in the game as well as receive their own copy for PC and Windows. Yes, winners plural with two people walking away with the lot! The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is one of the highly anticipated games for PC for 2011, and will be released early with XBOX and PS3 to follow; it features nudity and violence as you assume the role of master Witch Gealt of Riva.

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*There is a small chance that a) you need to be from within the target country, Germany b) they will need ou to actually appear in person as well.

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