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Pokemon – Awesome fan art

You guys like Pokemon?  Do you *want* to like pokemon but hate that it entails liking something that 5 year olds like?  Do you just like just seeing fantastical looking creatures?  If any of the latter describes you, then take a look at this amazing artwork (fanmade).  Click on the thumbnail to see it in its full size.

On the left is Giovanni (final gym leader of original series and villain) with the gargantuan Nidoking looming in the back.  Also shown here are Nidoqueen, what look like a male and female? Rhydon, a Golem, a Dugtrio and finally, Mewtwo wearing it’s robotic inhibitors.

In the middle is the series main protagonist, Ash with the giant Charizard in the back.  Also shown are Lapras, Venusaur, Blastoise and the still somehow cute Pikachu.

Finally on the right is Jasmine, a gym leader from the second series with her trademark steel pokemon, Steelix and Magnemite.

Click on over to this user’s pixiv account to see more from them.  They apparently also do re-imaginings of final fantasy creatures which look incredible.  Pixiv is a Japanese site, so everything is in Japanese.  You also need an account to fully browse people’s work, of which I cannot obtain.  But keep reloading, it will cycle through some of their stuff.