Majesco Launches New Website for Babysitting Mama!

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A while back, we told you about the upcoming Babysitting Mama for the Nintendo Wii. Unlike other “Mama” games, Babysitting Mama comes with a baby plush which you insert the WiiMote into and interact with the game’s many activities. Featuring in-game boy and girl babies to choose from and more than 40 activities to enjoy such as rocking, bouncing, feeding, bathing, changing, playing with the baby and many more, Babysitting Mama looks to be the perfect game for families this upcoming holiday season.

In honor of the new title, Majesco has launched a full website to promote the game which you can check out at On the new site, you can play a baby racing mini-game, watch a gameplay trailer, and get cool downloads featuring gaming’s favorite mama. Babysitting Mama is set to release November 5th exclusively for Wii.

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