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Following the recent news that Zombrex Dead Rising Sun would be distributed in Europe and North America Capcom are now able to confirm when and where you can view Inafune-san’s directorial debut.

Split into a number of episodes, scheduled over a number of weeks, Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, will be available exclusively first and for free on Xbox Live from August 4th, before going live on www.deadrisingsun.com a week later. As an added bonus, certain episodes will begin with interviews with Inafune-san in which he provides insight into the film making process. The full schedule is as follows:

Date Episodes Location
August 4 1,2,3 Xbox Live
August 11 1,2,3 deadrisingsun.com
August 11 4,5 Xbox Live
August 18 4,5 deadrisingsun.com
August 18 6,7 Xbox Live
August 25 6,7 deadrisingsun.com
August 25 8 Xbox Live
September 1 8 deadrisingsun.com

Im VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS !! If you want to see the trailer check out the link here to the article we did a weeks ago.  This is going to be fantastic !!

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