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Just for the LoLz

Before Sony grabbed Joe Danger for PSN, Hello Games revealed to the Develop Conference crowd today some of the reasons that the game was denied publication by other publishers

Sean Murray, a programmer at Hello Games, wouldn’t name any names in the conference but was happy to give out some quotes from publishers for why they wouldn’t publish the game.

The 7 quotes the programmer gave were:

  • “Name me one popular game with motorbikes?”
  • “Collecting giant coins feels unrealistic to me”
  • “I can see this working as a Facebook app”
  • “We want games that are less about fun right now”
  • “We love the theme, but with a different game”
  • “We believe the iPhone will be largely unsupported”
  • “Can Joe be a monkey? We like Monkeys”

It is said when a publisher says they they want a game that is less about fun. Even though the monkey idea sounds really good, everyone loves monkeys!