“The Last Airbender” – Movie thoughts


My friends and I go to movies like these all the time to make fun of them. We went to the Dragon Ball Z movie and had the entire theater roaring in laughter. We went to the Prince of Persia movie and were so disappointed that one of my friends fell asleep and I ended up texting someone the entire time. We even went to the Karate Kid movie but I ended up getting kicked out for starting a fight with a kid in front of me. His hair was poofy and it was just begging for popcorn to be thrown into it.

Anyway, my friends and I plan to go to the upcoming movie “The Last Airbender” and plan to have a good ole time making fun of it. We usually wait a few days so that we can be loud in the theater and not get into to much trouble.

In preparation for it, I decided to check out the animated series. You can add the entire series, all 3 seasons, to your netflix instant queue and watch them on your Xbox 360, WII, or PS3 (If you have a subscription and the disc for the WII or PS3). They are actually pretty good. I enjoyed myself the entire time and ended up watching the entire series in a few days.

It actually made me look forward to this movie, which releases July 2nd. By the looks of the trailer and the cast, the movie will only be covering the first season (book) of the show, which is the water book. I am slightly disappointed by this, because the best season is the third.

I’ll still probably be making fun of it though with my friends, nothing better then taking up the entire middle row and cracking wise remarks about the movie. Especially when the entire theater bursts out in laughter at your joke. After I watch it, I’ll tell you all how it was and if it is worth spending your money on. Anyone else going to watch it?

Below is the best trailer available, in my opinion.

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