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This little experiment happened a while ago but I just wanted to share with you Microsoft’s Alan Wake Project which was held at Australia’s most haunted site located at The Quarantine Station North Head in Manly.  Initially everyone including myself thought it was something to do with Project Natal.  But let me tell you Project Natal was nowhere to be seen in this little project.  I even applied hoping to be picked so I could check out Project Natal.  In the end, I’m really glad I wasnt chosen 😉

If you want to call them lucky you can but five Aussies were chosen and taken to this Haunted location (and let me tell you it’s VERY haunted… a friend of mine has gone there and they can hear the ghosts, especially the children that all died there playing at night) to play Alan Wake AGES before it’s release date.  These unfortunate Gamers, if you want to call them that, were blind folded and taken to the location, then connected up to all sorts of monitoring devices to see what sort of effect playing ALAN WAKE would have on them in a totally freaky environment. 

Not like ALAN WAKE needs any help in this department.  It’s scary enough as it is – trust me I KNOW !! Playing this at night in the dark with my surround sound headphones strapped to my head sent chills down my spine.

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