Nokia N900 Maemo5 Coding Competition – Win a trip to Dublin, Ireland!

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Are you a developer? Are you looking for a challenge? Do you have a Nokia N900? If you answered at least 2 of these questions, you might be interested in the very first N900 Coding Competition which has just begun. This is open to anyone worldwide.

Qt, PyQt, PyGTK, whatever language you like can be used to program the application/game as long as it’s functionally complete, runs safely and easily on the Nokia N900.

This was supposed to be a friendly, win pride not prize community competition to get developers to create some useful/interesting apps or games for the Nokia N900 which uses the Maemo5 (code name fremantle) OS. However, Nokia has announced that they will sponsor this competition and 6 lucky winners of each application category will be invited to the MeeGo Conference 2010, due to be held in Dublin, Ireland with travel and accomodation costs all paid for!

If for some reason you cannot make it, they will give you a brand new Nokia N900 mobile phone instead. To top it off, there is a prize fund which is being contributed by the community members which you will get a share of at the end. Not too shabby for a competition which was just created by a member of the forum for fun!

More details of this competition can be found on the main competition thread at
There is also a wiki page listing of the currently registered entrants and their projects.

Maemo5 SDK can be found HERE

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