Sunday Analytical: April Fool’s Day


Well, it is Sunday here in the United States, and I have another analytical article for you guys. I say analytical, because these are based heavily in my analysis or the analysis of a group which I then in turn analyze in further depth. Some of you may find them interesting, while others of you don’t really care. Either way, everything you are about to read is based on analysis, true stories, and a bit of fact.

April fool’s day has come and gone, and this was the first year where I was press during the day. I have now experienced the day from 3 different major perspectives. This article discusses all 3 of the perspectives.

Tell me what you guys think of the new title, “Sunday Analytical:”; do you think it fits well?


Aprils Fool’s Day

Depending on how you look at the day, April fool’s Day can either be fun, annoying, tedious, boring, or many more. Below you will find the 3 main perspectives that look upon April fool’s day: the ones that fool, the ones that get fooled, and the bystanders.

The one’s that fool:
April fool’s day is known for those that fool others, and when you collect a group of people who have artistic skills, and the ability to do pretty much whatever they want you get some pretty awesome pranks. Some developers go for funny pranks, while others go for realistic pranks that get your hopes up and then let them come crashing down. Pranks aren’t only made by developers however, many sites take the pleasure of changing their website for one day for fun or to try and fool you into believing that they have actually changed some part of the site. The pranks are usually planned last minute, and thrown together quickly. Not all plans are last minute ideas; however, some are planned months in advance as a marketing ploy. A good prank or joke can keep your product or site in people’s minds for a very long time, as well as being spread all over the internet very quickly.

The one’s who get fooled:
They aren’t always fooled, and sometimes the objective isn’t to fool the person but instead entertain them. Being fooled is never nice, but it sure is funny when you realize what just happened. The people who get fooled are what make April fool’s day so much fun. It is a time to laugh at yourself when you fall for the joke and a time to laugh at others while you show them the exact prank you just fell for. All though you are simply checking out all the pranks and enjoying yourself, when you share the prank with friends and family you are in fact acting as a marketer for their product or website. As the viewer, you have a fun time and once it’s over it is over and all you are left with are the memories of the pranks.

The bystanders:
The people who watch and report on all the action. The press are the ones who tell everyone what’s new, but the problem is on April fool’s day you can’t tell what is news and what is a joke. It is a nightmare to shift through all the news and try to pick what is true and what isn’t. Some pranks are quite easily determined as false, while others are a little more difficult. Press are able to look in and see who is creating what, and are the ones that hand out the pranks. The press has a clear choice, to either go with the joke and hope that since it is April fool’s day all mistakes will be washed  away or ignore the day completely and treat every single piece of information as a ticking time bomb just waiting to fool someone.

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