Yakuza 3 has arrived in stores TODAY !!

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Yakuza 3 has left Okinawa, jumped on a plane and made it to western shores.  Sega’s Yakuza 3 is now available world wide exclusively for Playstation 3

After playing the Yakuza 3 demo last week I totally fell in love with it as it reminded me soo much of Shenmue.  I was walking around the streets of Tokyo FOR HOURS  like a kid in a candy store !!  I honestly stopped to read all the Japanese signs on every building (lucky I can now read Japanese, which makes playing the game even more fun).  I even played games in Club Sega and bought some bargains in Don Kihote (which has its own theme song playing when you enter the store).  The amount of little extra’s Sega has thrown into Yakuza 3 is totally amazing.  You can go into a convenience store, stop by the magazine stand and check out all the latest magazines from manga to adults books 😉 

You can also buy a HUGE variety of goods from stores some just trivial others providing you with ability boosts, energy replenishment and also weapons you can use in battle. Besides exploring Tokyo and Okinawa, you can also visit restaurants, pick up ramen at a local noodle shops, go golfing, bowling, fishing, karaoke, or bust some heads in a local street fight which never gets dull !! Ahh how I miss Japan 🙁

Well if you haven’t already do so make sure you pick up your copy of Yakuza 3 from your local retail or online.

Visit the  Yakuza 3 site for more information.

Who’s already picked up Yakuza ?  Give us your  thoughts on it.

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  1. How well do the in-game games play?

    I think they could have done something more interesting with those overlays (in the fishing pick). I think it’s bad to cover up your character, at least with boring menus like that.

  2. I would kill for an Yakuza Kenzan western release. 🙁

  3. I believe this post and this game only makes me want to visit Japan soooo much more. I haven’t seen the game yet but it looks like a trip to Japan.
    Fun fact: My friend says Yakuza wears Hawaiian shirts in summer. LOL!

  4. this looks like an amazing game i cant believe i haven’t herd of it before

  5. Whhhhaaattt?! I thought it was going to be for Xbox 360 as well! That sucks haah.

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