Sayonara Yellow! You will be missed!


It has been rumoured that there will be one less colour for the PSP collection.

According to a Japanese source, the Yellow PSP3000 will stop being shipped and sent to shops. Yellow is apparently the least popular among all the other PSP colours,  but will surely be missed by some.  From what I’ve heard, MasterAbbott has one and thinks it the best !!! 😉

-Game on-

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  1. Sad to see it go. I like the fact that is easy to spot. If you could see my room you would understand!

  2. Actually looks like a really nice color. I don’t really care though I always go for the basic color for these things (psp=black, dslite=white)

  3. My DS lite is black, and nearly all my other electronics too, but this yellow PSP isn’t that bad.

  4. i think it looks ugly

  5. damn, it looked so psychedelic 🙂

  6. I like the yellow but understand the basic colors probably sell best. Most people don’t wish to stand out.

  7. This is the old PSP now there is new one launched its PSP go and so no one will be buying this yellow PSP. There are even more portable consoles, even Xbox is going to launch its portable console.

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