ALAN WAKE NEWS … NO PC Version … But we have some new screenshots !!

Xbox 360


We have some good news and also some bad news.  Ok the bad news first.  As Microsoft have announced Alan Wakewill be a Xbox 360 exclusive, therefore there will not be a PC version of the game.  (dont know if its actually bad news) as long as it’s coming out on XBOX 360 that’s all that matters.

Now the good news, we have some new screenshots from the game.  I have to say I think the 5 year wait has been well worth it.  Alan Wake looks brilliant.  Remedy have done a fantastic job with it.

With a release date of May 18th 2010 it’s not long before we battle the darkness with only the light, our witts and a  soiled pair of undies, this game is gonna scare the crap outta you 😉

Let us know what you think of Alan Wake, are you gonna get it ? Do you think it’s going to live up to it’s expectations or will it just disappear in the darkness as the batteries in the torch light run out.

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  1. Thanks Remedy for spitting on the PC gamers who made you what you are. This game had so much potential, full HD, better framerate, no screen tearing (like in those 360 gameplay videos), i will not get a 360 just for this game, already satisfied with my PS3 for console gaming. The worse is, they will use that episodic crap of cutting the game into small dlcs, so much potential trashed in the bin.

  2. Bummer for the PC folks out there, but I am not one of them, and I have been wanting this game since the day it was announced. Everything looks fantastic, and May 18th can’t come soon enough.

  3. What exactly is Alan Wake?
    I know it’s mystery, but, is it FPS there’s action and some shooting involved right?

    OMG a Baseball bat!

  4. It’s a mix of adventure and third person shooter created by the same people who did the Max Payne series.

  5. I still say it’s never coming out.

  6. seems like RE1

  7. I might be .. but we’ll see if its better .. or worse

  8. I’m thinking I’m going to like this game, there really hasn’t been a good scary game or a good survival horror since RE3.

    I can’t wait for this game.

  9. re: the shooting comments…

    From what I recall reading in previews last year, light will be your most powerful weapon.

  10. Glad I got a 360! I’m trying to stay away from all Alan Wake media so I can experience this game fresh. =)

  11. Certainly looks good but we’ll see when it’s released whether the gameplay matches current-gen or if it still feels old and clunky like the old game it is. I have high hopes!

  12. The game looks good but normally I would have expected a PC release of this game.

  13. It is a shame PC gamers won’t be getting the game, but Games for Windows LIVE is a nightmare…hopefully pc game developers stop supporting it and it will die and go away.

  14. I am definitely getting this one. Dunno if I’ll get it right away though. I have too many other games already preordered and not enough time to get them done before Alan Wake comes out. I will own this one though at some point.

  15. I really hope this game is good and no a flop i remember when it was suppose to be a 360 launch title lol so with all this extra time it best be as good as it looks

  16. I’d really like to see this game actaully be released. just because a game is close to being released doesn’t mean it will. The no PC isn’t a big deal to me as I do most all my gaming on consoles as it is.

  17. I think it will be because, I mean games are notorious to being closed to be released and then canceled. I really hope it doesn’t but then again only microsoft knows.

  18. A lot of disappointed friends now… this is why I made the jump to the 360 a year ago, because of developers turning the back on the PC. Can’t say I was too happy about it, but what can you do…

  19. i would’ve done the same if this game wasn’t the only 360 game i was looking forward to play. But for multiplatforms games (with no PC versions) and exclusives i prefer the PS3, love God of War and Uncharted.

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