Alan Wake FINALLY receives a release DATE !!

Xbox 360

It’s official, after 5 LOOOONG YEARS Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment have announced that Alan Wake will be launching on May 18th in America and May 21st in Europe.  As Remedy have done in the past with Max Payne, they revolutionised the gaming industry at the time with the introduction of the first ever bullet time mode, they will do it again with his exclusive to Xbox 360 title. 

Let the nightmares begin in this gripping psychological action thriller, that plays like a TV series.  Do you have what it takes to battle what lies in the darkness. 

Alan wake should be available for pre-order as we speak.  If you do pre-order you will receive the Bright Falls Bonus Pack:  this includes content such as an Xbox LIVE theme, avatar gear &  a video of how it was made.

There is also a the limited collector’s edition, which comes with bonus discs of behind-the-scenes footage (should be a lot to show as its been in production for 5 YEARS !!), exclusive in-game commentary with hints from the Remedy team, a game soundtrack, ‘The Alan Wake Files’ book, and more,  the limited collectors edition comes together in a hardcover book style package.

Now after all this wait, lets hope it’s all we hope it should be.  I believe it will be but lets just wait and see shall we 😉

Check out the officla X10 Trailer with the long awaited release date at the end :

Let us know what you think of Alan Wake

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  1. Looking amazing! Fight with light, minori4

  2. Hope Alan Wake is a decent alternative to Heavy Rain on PS3

  3. Remedy Games has yet to disappoint me.

  4. Don’t know which corner I’ve been hiding in, but never heard of this game till now, the light addition is going to prove interesting in the gameplay, I hope it doesn’t end up with the same failed usage like the bat sense in Arkham, because if done right it can add a truly great twist to a already great game.. Will be keeping my eye on this one from now on, thanks for heads up!

  5. Definitely looks like a must buy!

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like I have been waiting FOREVER to see this game! YES YES YES I LOVE ADORE LOVE LOVE the fact that this thriller plays like a TV series. So different! YES YES YES!

  7. LOL …. this looks like a scene from When Harry Met Sally 😉

  8. This actually looks like a pretty damn awesome game. I’m somewhat excited.

  9. LOL ur too funny! When Harry Met Sally LOL

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