Dragon Ball Super Funimation Dub Confirmed

Voice of Beerus teases Funimation Announcement

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After over an entire year of airing in Japan, Funimation have finally seemed to secure the rights to dub Dragon Ball Super in English for the rest of the world. Jason Douglas, voice actor for Beerus the God of Destruction posted an image on his Instagram (which has since been removed) showing an image of Beerus from the very first episode of Dragon Ball Super with the comment ‘He’s Awakened’. The image also had a time stamp on it, something that helps voice actors keep their lines in time with the animation.

So while it’s not technically confirmed, it’s confirmed. Funimation has a panel at San Diego Comic Con tonight (just a few hours by the time this article goes live). The panel was also announced rather late which could hint that Funimation tried to book it when they got the green light. If it’s not announced tonight though expect an announcement at one of the upcoming Comic Cons or a standalone confirmation from Funimation themselves.


This announcement also ties in perfectly with what Sean Schemmel teased months ago while hosting a Q&A session in the UK. Funnily enough he also predicted Xenoverse 2 would be announced which also came true a couple of months later. Most likely the new dub of the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Kai will begin airing soon, allowing Dragon Ball Super to air as soon as that run is finished.

We will update this article with any official information that comes out of SDCC tonight but we always knew this was coming and now it definitely is. Toonami Asia will also be receiving an alternate English dub at some point as well.

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  • Nice find.

  • kirk

    need to skip the first 30 episodes of this garbage, and start dub from there.

    • William van Helsing

      I liked the start though

      • Alex W

        The first saga didn’t really deliver anything the Battle of Gods movie didn’t (at a much better pace for that matter). I do like that they finally tied up that loose end with Ginyu in the second. It really just felt like a show about Beerus and Whis critiquing food for a while. Doesn’t really matter, they’re going to start at the beginning anyway.

        • Skydevil10

          they would really need to add those two movies into the series to make em canon and also catch people up because not everyone’s gonna have seen the movie and if they just skipped to the part where they have super saiyan blue, its not gonna make much sense.

          • Alex W

            I agree it was necessary to adapt the movies into the show. I just think they could’ve done it in far less time if they weren’t going to add anything particularly substantial to the plot. They did a better job with Resurrection F but the Battle of Gods saga was drawn out way longer than it had to be. This show doesn’t have to wait on a manga like the previous ones (in this case, the manga is even adapted from the show), so there’s no reason that had to take so long. The movie was an hour and 45 minutes long and (in my opinion anyway) never felt rushed. The story could’ve been retold in 5 episodes, 6 or 7 at the most with additional content to transition to a more episodic pacing. Instead it was dragged to 12 (not counting the first two episodes of the show, which were basically filler).

    • RIII

      I actually wish they made Resurrection F and the tournament a bit longer. Before, DBZ fights were too long and dragged on, now I feel like they happen too fast and I don’t get a chance to get into any new characters like Hit, Cabba, the return of Ginyu, and pre-Ginyu Tagoma. Also because of this, when other Z characters like Piccolo finally get a spotlight they only last 1-2 episodes fighting on screen.

  • C.M. Troll

    Headline: Dragon Ball Super Funimation Dub Confirmed

    Article: “So while it’s not technically confirmed, it’s confirmed.”

    What ever happened to journalistic integrity? seem to care more about click bait, and assumptions.

  • xLeroyNajatahnx

    They have me hope, then ripped my heart out.

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