New gory Splatterhouse shots, also non-splattered house

There is more to Splatterhouse than just a whole bunch of blood and everything else contained within a living, or unliving body. But what lies underneath all of that splatter? Well a normal house that is, and most likely tons of other places. Ironically this is the first time that there hasn’t been a screenshot that is full of blood or a gore covered protagonist. Catch the screenshots below, and m...

New Splatterhouse gameplay revealed

We have a bit of new gameplay footage for the upcoming game Splatterhouse.  Some of you may remember the game from 1988 as an arcade classic, but that is long ago and it is more than time enough for a remake.  With this movie you will be seeing some homages to the clasic game, as well as plenty of blood and gore you would expect to see from a game known as Splatterhouse. Poor Rick Taylor’s g...

Splatterhouse Story revealed

There will be blood. Yes there will be blood in the name of love this Fall.  In the below trailer we discover what is behind Rick’s bloody journey.  Your path will be covered in blood as you try to get her back from those that have kidnapped her.  Namco Bandai is definitely releasing an interesting one here, catch the E3 trailer below. Video Source: (IGN)

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