Inotia 3: Children Of Carnia Review iPhone


Inotia 3: Children Of Carnia 
Platform: iPhone
Publisher: Com2us
Developer: Com2us
Genre: RPG
Release Date: January 6th, 2010
Price Buy NOW: $1.19


Com2uS have once again awarded us with yet another fine RPG game. Inotia 3 : Children of Carnia encompasses the RPG realm with greatness and finesse. The series has been exciting people ever since it was first released and is available on the iPhone/iTouch and the illustrious sized iPad.

Starting the game there are many classes to choose from, those six different character classes are as follows:

The Barbarian – The mighty, the tough, the ultimate fighting machine – of Rage.
The Templar – A holy warrior, that embeds his magical energy into his trusty weapons to strike fear into his opponents.
The Rogue – Stealthy,Fast but Dangerous – in the wrong hands the rouge can be devastating.
The Shadow Hunter – With bow in hand the Shadow Hunter serves Death from a Distance with quiet accuracy.
The Priest – The Hand of the Divine, a kindred spirit that helps those that are in need.
The Arch Mage – The Lord of the Magic and the Elements, all know to fear the Golem master.

With these types of characters you can create your main character and later in the game even create your party members that will suit your taste, pallet and maybe even your playing style. Every time you play Inotia 3 you will find that your story will feel different based on the characters you choose.

In the games settings menu you will find the tab for customizing your game screen. You can customize how you want your icon layout to look aswell as the adjust the opacity,stretch and re-size your icons or grab hold check the maneuverability of all onscreen icons. In essence you can even move the character icons and even the d-pad if you are a south-paw. Being able to move the icons onscreen into any position you want fully customizes your play style.

As your adventure begins the story unfolds into a classic role-playing game where darkness envelopes the land and the hero is young and stupid, but like with all games he quickly wises up and jumps to the task. The story first starts in a world that seems to be a flash back situation shrouded in a sepia outlook, where you play as an unknown character searching for his dear sister until he finds out that she and all his friends have been kidnapped by evildoers as he charges to rescue them all through the charred and crumbling buildings of your village. After the battles and cut scenes you are brought back to the real world, full of color and realism, as a much younger lad, seemingly the reincarnation of the former warrior. And so your journey begins.

Like in the previous sequel Inotia 2 – Inotia 3 features a three cell party based system where you are in control of various characters as your companions. In addition to the party system is that you can switch between playing the hero and your two party members at any time. Additionally you can play with any of your multiple party members that join your cause along your journey making your experience different every time you play the game.

Having access to each party members skill tree you will find yourself able to customize your party members abilities separately aswell as their equipment. You will be able to allocate the characters skill points to further increase their combat skills, ranged attacks or their magic spells to your liking. When your have acquired an Awakening Talisman you will then be able to unlock skill that your party members have had no previous access to, making them grow stronger and dare i say meaner.

This game is massively larger than its fore-bearers, enticing the player with well over 200 quests that will take you searching the wilderness while hack’n’slashing your way over and around 130 beautifully rendered maps to explore and conquer the lands and hideouts of the denizens of the dark and extinguish their evil flame.

Com2uS have given us a game of epic proportions. Along with the dazzling special effects and sound effects that you see and hear will enhance your gaming experience, is a storyline that will have any player immersed in a world that will leave them unable to put down their iDevice. The story takes the player back and forth in time showing the main hero’s lives on several occasions (the world of SEPIA), until finally being zapped back to the reality to continue on his crusade against the hordes of darkness.

Inotia was good, Inotia 2 was better, but Inotia 3 leaves its predecessors in its dust. History has proven its worth time and time again along the sands of time. Can you prove your worth and save the world from the destruction of the darkness once more..?!

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